Meet brand new Maskulo harnesses

June 18, 2020

 We've created the accessory that will ideally fit your sexy chest and complement your brutal look. New Hernesses of the Armored Next collection are the main hit of the summer of 2020. It is time to show  your sexy chest to the world. You will be the center of attention and an object of admiration at any party and in social networks. These hot accessories are recommended to be worn both ways: over clothing and on a hot naked body.

This accessory  looks especially impressive on your naked body. Leaher looking belts tightly fit your body, but are not restrictive to your movements.  The X-shape makes your back visually wider, emphasizing the open shoulder  and the ring in the center emphasizes your spine. Even the most sophisticated fetishists will apprecate your image. The front look is even cooler. Open muscular chest with soft nipples are highlilighted with going down straps wich are attached to the cockring.

The harnesess are presented in 2 models: Bulldog Harness with Cockring and Bulldog Harness. Try them all and decide with one is your favorite, but mabe you love both of them. Ideal for a powerful hairy chest and for a sweet smooth ones. You can choose from 3 colors: black, red and black&red combined. Choose a color depending on your mood and desires. Arrange a theme photo session and get all the likes with MaskuloBerlin.

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