In this case, you should contact the support stating the order number, type of item and name of the customer. Attach a photo of the defect to the e-mail. After our quality manager has checked and confirmed a manufacturing defect or damage during delivery, you will be offered to return the defective item, providing the tracking number and a photo of the package note. There are two options - you will receive the same item of impeccable quality. If a defect is insignificant (e.g. a stain) and you would like to keep the item for yourself, we will give you a 30% discount on this item

In this case, you should contact the support team, stating the order number and type of item, and stating what size you wish to exchange the item for. Then you should return this article. Shipping costs will not be refunded in this case, all shipping costs are at your expense. After receipt of the goods, we will deliver the goods of the desired size.

In this case you should contact the support team indicating your chest / waist / hip circumference and they will help you determine the correct size. You can also determine your size by yourself using our size chart. There is a link to it on the website next to each article, the table can be accessed by clicking on it.

The discount is not valid if there are sale items in the order. This discount can only be used for the articles with full price.




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