About Us

Maskulo is a gay brand of fetish gear and casual wear for men. The company was founded in 2014.

The company's CEO and its founders - Artyom Smyslov and Bulat Barantaev - openly gays, created a brand for the community, realizing the actual needs of their customers.

-We wanted to make and sell really cool and unique things. Something we haven't seen from other world-famous gay brands! Today we offer handmade leggings, singlets, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, harnesses, trunks, briefs, and accessories crafted from the finest materials with passion and attention to extraordinary details.

Maskulo is a part of an international trading system: we choose the best fabric suppliers, no matter where they are located. We manufacture and ship our clothes worldwide using the fastest delivery services.

Whether of shiny neoprene, stretchy lycra, latex, or 100% cotton, our fetish gear, and everyday underwear make any man feel sensual and attractive.

Our team is bold and creative. Fashion designers, tailors, logisticians, and sales assistants work for your pleasure. You just need to choose what looks best on you. And we are going to help you with this.




- The wholesale and retail warehouse in Europe (Riga, Latvia) is launched. Today we have the possibility of duty-free fast delivery for European Union residents. 

- The new warehouse in Kazakhstan has been launched.

- The documentary film about Maskulo "Heiße Höschen aus Sibirien" was created by an independent TV company and released on ARTE TV channel (France-Germany) . You may watch it here.

- The updated Epic Fetish collection releases - we have added voluminous elements that imitate muscles not only on legs but also on hips and chest to add amativeness and irresistibility.


- The warehouse in Miami USA is launched. And now, we offer various delivery services for the USA, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

- Starting the maskulo.us and outtox.us websites for our customers in the Americas.

- The Skulla White Soccer collection for brave adventurers has been launched. The first edition of the everyday underwear collection for Skulla White Soccer - jocks, trunks, and... white socks.

- The first everyday underwear collection release for military style fans. These products are equipped with unusual details and unique elements.


- The new brand of affordable Fetish gear Outtox is launched.

- Well-known Internet bloggers start working with us and become brand ambassadors. We replenish the army of fans, and the number of subscribers on social networks is growing.

- The Enforce collection is developed and launched. This collection is made for military fetish fans.



- Opening of its own flagship store in Berlin on Fuggerstr. 19, U Nollendorfplatz. Today it is the center of attraction for thousands of gay men during the Berlin festivals and parades.

- Our sales are started on a brand clothing discounter Bananez.

- The first collection of BeachGuard swim briefs and shorts is launched.

2017 - 2018

- The first Skulla collection releases. This collection is distinguished by a sporty style and was made for fetish jackets and fetish shorts fans.

- The first collection of daily clothes Life releases.

- Opening of a warehouse in Berlin and a German website to be closer to our European customers.

- The first Youngero collection releases with bright contrasting details, including reflective elements. The collection has become hugely popular.

2015 - 2016

- First mass collection releases. First real recognition among customers. The first professional photo shoots with famous photographers and models. First contracts with well-known retailers.


- First Armored collection is released in a limited edition, which brings the brand its first recognition. The clothes have voluminous elements to create a "muscular" look and a removable codpiece. We did our own photo shoots in a small studio and were proud of what we had.



Bulat Barantaev is one of the first in the country to openly draw public attention to the issue of accepting homosexuality. He continues to fight for the rights of the individual in freedom of choice and action, for the acceptance of the individual by society and the family. And above all, with his example, life position and actions, Bulat helped many people to accept themselves.


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E-mail: europe@maskulo.org